Our plans are based on HackUnits. These represent effort on Testing activities.

Standard Prime Enterprise Enterprise Plus Custom
Technical Scope Up to 20 Hosts / 4 Apps Up to 60 Hosts / 10 Apps Up to 255 Hosts / 25 Apps Up to 600 Hosts / 55 App Custom
HackUnits (Monthly Minimum) 12.000 HU 25.000 HU 55.000 HU 110.000 HU Custom
Regular Pen-Testing
Web Management Platform
Max Users Platform 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Change Management Integration
Social Engineering (1) -
0 Day Resilience (2) -
Manual Testing
Online Metrics
Monthly 2 Hour Work Session (3) -
(1) Execution of Penetration Testing activities that carry some level of Social Engineering, e.g. asking users by email to click on a link or to execute a file.
(2) Simulation of existence of a 0-day vulnerability and test the resilience of complimentary controls.
(3) A 2 Hours Monthly Session via Webex to discuss vulnerabilities and provide guidance on their resolution.
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Penetration Testing Activities

The HackUnits (HU) are used by our service, according to the following activities:

Infrastructure (Network and Systems) Testing Obs HackUnits
FootPrinting (Per IP Address) 75
Scanning and Enumeration (Per Service) 75
Vulnerability Analysis (Per Service) 175
Vulnerability Exploitation (Per Vulnerability) 700
Privilege Escalation (Per Vulnerability) 600
Web Applications Testing Obs HackUnits
Information Gathering (Per Page) 110
Configuration Management Testing (Per Page) 100
Authentication Testing (Per Page) 135
Session Management (Per Application) 550
Authorization Testing (Per Page) 185
Business logic testing (Per Page) 335
Data Validation Testing (Per Parameter) 50
Denial of Service Testing (Per Parameter) 135
Web Services Testing (Per Parameter) 250
AJAX Testing (Per Parameter) 250
Retesting (Per Test) 135

If any activities other than the ones listed in the table are performed, they will be reported on the monthly HackUnit usage report.

Did you know that more than $200 billions are lost yearly due to cybercrime?

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