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We test your security continuously

Companies usually hire Pen-Testing once a year to test their Security. At KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 we test your Security continuously and provide a cost-effective model in a Managed Service approach. With the dynamics that applications and infrastructures require these days testing once a year is a poor approach to your company’s Security. Find out about the other differences that make our model unique.

  Traditional approach   logo
Testing Security of Infra-Structures and Application Sim   Sim
Continuous Testing Não   Sim
Synchronized with Change Management Process Não   Sim
Re-testing after each vulnerability is corrected Não   Sim
Provides a platform for vulnerability management Não   Sim
Online metrics related to risk and vulnerabilities Não   Sim
Quarterly Integrated PCI-DSS ASV Vulnerability Scans Não   Sim
Reporting One-Time Report   Continuous Online

Management platform

KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 provides a unique management platform to deal with vulnerabilities. It allows escalation, tracking, communication and classification of Vulnerabilities.


Integration with change management

Perform Change in App or Infrastructure
Request Security Testing for change
Security Testing Performed
Vulnerabilities detected
Solve Identified Vulnerabilities
Security Verification for Change Completed

Integration with change management

Today's infrastructure and applications have to be much more dynamic and quickly adapt to business requirements.

As a result changes to the infrastructure and applications are inevitable, however they can result in, or expose new Security vulnerabilities.

Whenever a tactical or major change occurs, KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 can test if your changes had any impact to your Security.

Effective Risk Reduction

Testing your Security once a year will reduce risk but once changes are made new vulnerabilities and risk levels will rise again.

Our model ensures effective risk reduction due to the fact that our services are continuous and integrate with your Change Management inputs for a value-added testing.

Effective Risk Reduction

Overview 2021
TOP Vulnerabilities and Recommendations EBOOK

Based on KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 service performance in 2021, we produced a document with an objective and detailed analysis of vulnerabilities types, severity, historic evolution in INTEGRITY's clients, and respective recommendations to avoid them.


A team can only feel good about its clients if it feels good about itself. At INTEGRITY we give utmost importance to knowledge sharing, good working environment and healthy competition to obtain the maximum performance in what we do.

Ilustração de equipa

INTEGRITY is essentially supported by Expert and Senior professionals who ally experience to relevant international certification in every area of focus.


Certifications & Accreditations

INTEGRITY is a certified company that is focused on protecting its clients’ information and providing a world class service based on Industry Standards and best practices.

iso27001 logo

International reference and standard in Information Security Management. Its principle is to adopt a set of requirements, processes and controls to properly manage organisation risk. The goal of the accreditation has been the protection of our clients projects information. Read more

crest logo

INTEGRITY is the only Portuguese company approved by CREST in what relates to its Penetration Testing services, that took into account all the Technical and Management issues of Penetration Testing. Read more

iso9001 logo

International reference and standard in Quality Management. The scope of INTEGRITY certification has been Consulting, Auditing and Advisory in Information Security and Implementation of Management Systems. Read more

pnscs logo

INTEGRITY has undergone a process of accreditation with the Portuguese National Security Cabinet (PNSC) to meet customer requirements and requests regarding the access and handling of classified information. Read more

qsa logo

INTEGRITY was recognized by PCI Security Standards Council as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) certified entity, being our team of qualified consultants now capable of auditing companies’ processes associated with payment card transactions independently, in accordance with the PCI-DSS global security standard. Read more

bancontact logo

INTEGRITY has submitted to the accreditation process by Bancontact for payment security assessments in mobile applications under the Bancontact approval system. Read more

Do you do Yearly Penetration Testing? Attackers thank you the rest of the year. Find out why

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At KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 our expert consultants use methodologies and attack tools the same way potential attackers do, providing you with continuous feedback and a management platform showing your current vulnerabilities and risk levels.
This is not Scanning!
Our testing is done by a Professional Certified team of Pen-Testers Find out more

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