Have a continuous Advisory service to support the identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, provided by Best-of-Breed consultants in terms of know-how, experience and certifications in Information Security.

Have a "turn-key" service to perform cyclic Information Security tests.

Make sure that the identified vulnerabilities were in fact properly resolved.

Have usable metrics for risk level and exposure related to the active vulnerabilities.

Extract reports for compliance purposes regarding the vulnerability management process.

Integrate the service with your organization's Change Management process in order to test whether the changes have introduced new vulnerabilities.

Reduce risk and exposure to potential security vulnerabilities by detecting the risks in a timely manner.

Benefit from a very competitive cost of our service supported on much more effective and efficient processes than the traditional model of once per year Pen-Test.

Did you know that KEEP-IT-SECURE 24 model provides continuous Penetration Testing services at approximately the same cost as a single traditional Penetration Test?
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