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Today's Information Technology is an ally to the organization’s business: leveraging efficiency and effectiveness to levels never reached in the past.

Technology helps organizations communicate with business partners and clients in a more agile and flexible way, but the many benefits of Technology also represent new risks for any organization and those should be managed accordingly.

Despite being more dynamic and connected, organizations must ensure that their information is still secure in terms of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability – They need to preserve their reputation and revenue.

One of the strong contributions to Information Security is Penetration Testing the practice of testing the Security of an Organization by Security Qualified Professionals.

If your Organization website was attacked, what would be the impact? What information would be compromised? What changes would be accessible to the attackers?

Did you know that on average a vulnerability is published every 120 minutes?

A significant part of the vulnerabilities are a result of changes made in the systems and applications!

These are the reasons why we define our service as a continuous model instead of the traditional yearly Penetration Test model.
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Persistent Testing

KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 provides a team of highly qualified and certified professionals that test your Organization’s systems and applications in a persistent and regular manner and provides access to a management platform that enables you to measure, manage and correct vulnerabilities, allowing your organization to achieve an effective risk reduction.

Our tests are not restricted to executing automated tools, particularly at the application layer and business logic, where automated tools lack accuracy and have a large amount of false positives and negatives. Our tests are planned and executed manually to maximize the quality of the results and to match the practice of the attackers.

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KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 vs Traditional Model

Our team members have been performing penetration testing for more than 10 years and we came across the fact that the current Penetration Testing model is not suitable anymore for today's requirements anymore.

So we came up with the KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 model that is effectively a step ahead in what concerns to Security Testing and risk reduction.

This table explains the main differences and advantages of our model:

  Traditional approach   logo
Testing security of infra-structures and application Yes   Yes
Continuous testing No   Yes
Synchronized with Change Management Process No   Yes
Guidance/support during vulnerability Resolution No   Yes
Re-testing after each vulnerability is corrected No   Yes
Provides a platform for vulnerability management No   Yes
Online metrics related to risk and vulnerabilities No   Yes
Quarterly Integrated PCI-DSS ASV Vulnerability Scans Não   Sim
Continuous Reporting for compliance purposes No   Yes
Risk Reduction Once, when it is performed   Continuous
Scope Limited   Unlimited
0 Day Resilience Testing No   Yes

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Did you know that KEEP-IT-SECURE 24 model provides continuous Penetration Testing services at approximately the same cost of one single traditional Penetration Test?
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